Our History

As the twentieth century dawned, life in America began to change. Technology began to revolutionize the way people lived and worked. Many of those who had eked out a life from the land found themselves destitute. The most vulnerable were the children of the underprivileged. Welfare programs had not been developed. Without help, the poor and needy families had little chance for better lives.
Recognizing this, a small group of Ashland, Kentucky women from various churches envisioned a better life for the impoverished families of their community. These determined women banded together, formed an organization dedicated to service and began a legacy of over a hundred and ten years of helping needy children. The first meeting was at the home of Mrs. John Russell, Jr. lived on Bath Ave. on August 12, 1903. The organization chose the name, Friends of the Children upon the suggestion of Mrs. William Washington.
At a time in our country’s history when women could not vote and very few worked outside the home, the accomplishments of the ladies who founded Friends of the Children were truly remarkable. They did not do it alone. In 1903, as today, Friends of the Children owes much of its success to many generous citizens of Ashland, Kentucky who have supported the organization’s financial needs. We continue the legacy of, “Friends helping Friends”.

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